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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    Is it just that I am getting older, or is the world becoming lazier and lazier? We now have technology that can reduce the effort required to do many household chores. From microwave ovens to instantly heat our meals to dishwashers to clean our plates and cutlery. There are even companies that sell robotic devices to clean the floor and mow the lawn automatically. Now I am all for reducing the effort required to perform a task; however, there is a point where it becomes laziness.
    What I am finding more and more is that people expect answers straight away. Often they will e-mail or call you rather then research the question on their own. Well, I came across a solution today called ‘let me google that for you‘. It is a Web site that shows someone how easy it would have been if they simply fired up their search engine rather than expecting someone else to spoon-feed the answer to them. There is nothing wrong with helping people; however, sometimes people just need to help themselves.
    - Peter Ward
  2. silversov New Member

    I concur. Whenever someone approaches me with a question I don't have the answer too, I say "all I would do is research the topic, just like you can do". Although I do find some people respond with a blank stare. It appears as though good research skills in IT are becoming a scarce commodity.
  3. andylecap New Member

    I think it is a good one, but I suggest you use it with tact. Sometime the answer is just a Google search away, but the interpretation might need local knowledge. For example, whenever the car needs a new light bulb or something equally trivial changing, I ask a mechanic to do it. Why? because I have skinned my fingers too many times and what appears to be a simple job, might take me 30 minutes or more and I still won't complete it. I am self-employed so any work coming my way I charge for. Employed people will have a different perspective.
  4. mhaskins New Member

    It's true and it will always be true. It is always easier to turn around to someone near your desk and ask the question rather than looking it up yourself. I think that it has to do more with people's personalities as well - how introverted/extroverted they are.I usually answer with "I don't know, you can google it." Sometimes they know that I know. And I know that they know that I know. So, maybe then they wil get the hint :)

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