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Loss of Work Culture and Poor Performance

Discussion in 'SQL Server-Related Job Postings' started by Tech Specialist, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Glowtouch Technologies Pvt Ltd. or Diya Systems Pvt Ltd located in Mangalore.

    This company recruits many people for US Onsite and later in a permanent position in Mangalore.
    I suggest all IT people not to join this company as it would really screw up your career. These people will send you to US by taking a bond of 2 years and the duration you spend in US is not more than 2-3 months. There will not be any kind of notice period mentioned in the offer letter or appointment letter but during our resignation they simply say 2 months notice period. If a person fails to pay or continue till those two months notice period the company will not release any of the documents.

    They are well known for their false references to any employees. They dont give a proper feedback on any of the employees who leave the company even they properly resigned, which will result in the employee cant get job anywhere.

    The main source of their projects is through getfreelancer.com and they are well known for giving short deadlines resulting in the resources getting pressurised. Though we dont have good projects to work and good oppurtunities to grow we cannot leave the company as the company dosent want us to leave the company. The Management suddenly reduces your salary and says that it is due to some performance review which means though you recieve a salary of 20K in your previous company and here you were promised of some 35 K and when you have undergone this kind of performance review your salary goes below the salary you previously drawn.

    They deduct the tax from salaries every month but they dont pay to the Government, except for few of the employees. Since most of the employees will be leaving their jobs in middle of the year. There is no professional ethics in this company. This is the IT company with full of politics.

    There is one and only head for all the management aspects Mr. Shyam Prasad Hebbar. He is well known for not answering any of the reference calls, mails sent by other recruiters to enquire about our work in this company.

    So My dear co developer beware of joining in this company because once you joined you will never come outside decently. You will never enjoy the work in the company as they get very small projects of 200 or 300 hours. They say that you will get 2 Saturdays in a month as holiday but God knows how many Saturdays you really take a leave. Every day on an average a resource unofficially works for 18 hours (exempted for local people).
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