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Mirroring and DR - renaming server question..

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring' started by sql_jr, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. sql_jr New Member

    Hi, as part of our overall strategy for DR, we will be using DB mirroring from our Production site to DR.
    I will be using asynchronous/high performance mode.
    Setting up and bringing online is NO problem, but I need to give thought to the following and get ideas:
    Right now, we have our servers named as PRODServer and DR-PRODServer, respectively.
    During a DR failover, the DR-PRODServer will be renamed to PRODServer - while this is generally not an issue, how would that affect mirroring?
    Will it think automatically its the principal and mess itself up? Please advise? Or, will I need to manage the steps, bring the DR server online, and THEN rename it? I think this is key.
  2. MichaelB Member

    I am also new to DB mirroring and am wondering the same thing.. will mirroring rename the server? do all my apps have to have a "special" connetion string to handle it? I recall something like that...
  3. [email protected] New Member

    On the client side, use SQL Native client driver, that has a failover partner option. I dont think you might have to rename the mirrored server. Being in asynchronous mode, you will be failing over the db forcibly. The client will automatically look for the second server. (failover partner).
  4. sql_jr New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Assuming that the client WILL NOT handled the second server (unless you mean renamed its looking for the same named server).
    I think my assumption is right. I will have to do the following (leaving the apps with the original connection string): 1)Bring the mirror online; 2)Once recovered, I can safely rename the server. Sound right, techies and gurus? THX!

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