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not the right forum to ask this

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Being a DBA' started by Akthar, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Akthar New Member

    guys ,
    i know it is not the right forum to ask this, but i am desperately looking for a good forum to post Sharepoint Workflow 2007 questions... any guide pelase
  2. Madhivanan Moderator

    I always search in a google [:)]
  3. Akthar New Member

    i tried to, but i cant get replies for my questions..... i even tried microsoft technet forums
  4. Akthar New Member

  5. ghemant Moderator

  6. Akthar New Member

  7. satya Moderator

    Just to support Hemant's reference, I have seen a good help from Microsoft MSDN forums for Sharepoint and recently with such a deployment I have learned a lot.
    Appreciate your post in keeping in relevant section [:)].

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