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Restore Database Failed

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by gshyam23, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Any Help is really appreciate​d

    System.Data.SqlClient.SQLError: cannot Restore the file "_log" because it was originally written with sector size 512;
    'path _.ldf' is now on a device with sector size 1024.

    Took Backup from Server 1 and tried to Restore on Server 2 and it gave with above error.

    Hardware Configurations:
    On Server 1 drives C, M, F are on 512 sector size, where as on Server 2 C is 512, M and N drives on1024 size.

    Here I can restore to C drive on Server 2.

    M and N drive cannot be changed to 512 sector size(from Hardware Guy).

    so I googled with the above error, it recommended to take backup with sector size to 1024.
    After the backup then I tried restoring with Sector size 1024, same problem.

    any suggestions??

    Srcript i used.


    DATABASE ImageStatsDB

    Disk = '\\Ipaddress \n$\BackUp\Image1.Bak' with BLOCKSIZE=1024



    DATABASE [Image] FROMDISK = N'N:\BackUp\Image1.Bak' WITHFILE = 1,


    N'ImageStatsDB' TO N'N:\MSSQL\Data\Image.mdf',MOVE N'ImageStatsDB_log' TO N'N:\MSSQL\Data\Image_1.ldf',NOUNLOAD,STATS = 10,




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