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Discussion in 'T-SQL Performance Tuning for Developers' started by dimakop, May 30, 2004.

  1. dimakop New Member

    Hi I'm getting the ROBUST PLAN HINT ERROR:

    Could not insert a row larger than the page size into a hash table. Resubmit the query with the ROBUST PLAN hint.

    I have no idea how to implement this as I've just upsized from Access to SQL. This is my code below. Exactly where do I add this? Please help this is very urgent. Thank you. My view's code states:

    CREATE VIEW moviej.PPQ1
    SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT moviej.Movie_Images.MovieImage_URL, moviej.Movie_Images.MovieImage_URL2, moviej.Movie_Images.MovieImage_URL3,
    moviej.Movies_B.Movie_ID, moviej.Movies_B.Movie_Name, moviej.Movies_B.All_Actors, moviej.Movies_B.Type_ID, moviej.Movies_B.Type_ID2,
    moviej.Movies_B.Type_ID3, moviej.Movies_B.Keywords, moviej.Movies_B.Running_Time, moviej.Movies_B.Movie_Plot, moviej.Movies_B.Title,
    moviej.Movies_B.Alternative_Title, moviej.Movies_B.Screenplay, moviej.Movies_B.Director, moviej.Movies_B.Producer,
    moviej.Movies_B.Our_Rating, moviej.Movies_B.our_rating_display, moviej.Movies_B.Our_Review, moviej.Movies_B.Official_Site,
    moviej.Movies_B.Release_Date, moviej.Movies_B.Release_Date_Search, moviej.Movies_B.MPAA_Rating, moviej.Movies_B.Movie_Language,
    moviej.Movies_B.Movie_Country_Made, moviej.Movies_B.Nominations, moviej.Movies_B.Production_Company, moviej.Movies_B.Studio,
    moviej.Movies_B.Cast_Note, moviej.Movies_B.Status, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Small_Trailer1, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Small_Trailer3,
    moviej.Trailer_URLS.Small_Trailer2, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Medium_Trailer1, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Medium_Trailer3,
    moviej.Trailer_URLS.Medium_Trailer2, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Large_Trailer1, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Large_Trailer3, moviej.Trailer_URLS.Large_Trailer2,
    moviej.Voting_Poll1.Vote_Poll, moviej.Movie_Images.Crdt, moviej.Movie_Images.Image_Approved, moviej.Movie_Images.News_Image,
    moviej.Movie_Images.Focus_Image, moviej.Movie_Images.Crdt1, moviej.Movie_Images.Thumb_Image, moviej.Movie_Images.Extra_ID
    FROM moviej.Trailers INNER JOIN
    moviej.Trailer_URLS ON moviej.Trailers.Trailer_ID = moviej.Trailer_URLS.ID_Trailer INNER JOIN
    moviej.Movies_B ON moviej.Trailers.Trailer_ID = moviej.Movies_B.Trailer_ID INNER JOIN
    moviej.Voting_Poll1 ON moviej.Movies_B.Movie_ID = moviej.Voting_Poll1.Movie_ID INNER JOIN
    moviej.Movie_Images ON moviej.Movies_B.ImageMovie_ID = moviej.Movie_Images.MovieImage_ID
  2. Argyle New Member

    Add the ROBUST PLAN query hint last to your query.

    SELECT TOP 100 .... FROM ... moviej.Movie_Images.MovieImage_ID OPTION (ROBUST PLAN)

    See BOL for details.
  3. satya Moderator

    General info on this error:
    The query you've created for your report is probably a bit too "aggressive".
    This means the total amount of data selected (per row) is too large - and the error generated when creating internal worktables could have to do with some internal conversions being done inside the query engine.

    Satya SKJ
    This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.

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