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Setting Fast Load options

Discussion in 'Non-Transact SQL Developer Performance Tuning' started by Mark Weeks, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Mark Weeks New Member

    Hi All, I'm a newbie, was wondering if someone could help me with this...

    DBPROPSET RFLPropSet[1];
    DBPROP RFLProperties[1];

    RFLProperties[0].dwOptions = DBPROPOPTIONS_REQUIRED;
    RFLProperties[0].colid = DB_NULLID;
    RFLProperties[0].dwStatus = DBPROPSTATUS_OK;
    RFLProperties[0].dwPropertyID = SSPROP_FASTLOADOPTIONS;
    RFLProperties[0].vValue.vt = VT_BSTR;
    RFLProperties[0].vValue.bstrVal = SysAllocString ( L"TABLOCK" );

    RFLPropSet[0].guidPropertySet = DBPROPSET_ROWSET;
    RFLPropSet[0].cProperties = 1;
    RFLPropSet[0].rgProperties = RFLProperties;

    hr = pIOpenRowsetFL->OpenRowset ( NULL, &TableID, NULL, IID_IRowsetFastLoad,
    1, RFLPropSet, (LPUNKNOWN *)&pIFastLoad );

    If I don't set any properties the prog runs fine. Setting FASTLOADOPTIONS returns an error in dwStatus. I can't find any useful documentation or examples on this. I'm just using "TABLOCK" as an example here - in reality I wanted to specify ORDER and BATCHSIZE.

    Thanks in advance.

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