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Setting Reporting Web Server to not automatically shutdown periodically

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services' started by Greg Larsen, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Greg Larsen New Member

    I see an this message at the end of the the ReportServer__mm_dd_yy_hh_mm_ss.log file the second oldest log file.
    w3wp!webserver!1!11/28/2007-09:17:57:: i INFO: Reporting Web Server stopped
    Then in the most recent log file I see this at the beginning:
    w3wp!webserver!9!11/28/2007-10:37:19:: i INFO: Reporting Web Server started
    I assume this is because I have some how set up reporting to services to automatically shutdown after a period of non-activity.
    It seems that everytime the first person tries reporting services when it is stopped. It takes a long time to render the report. Then after it is running it gets rendered much quicker. Once again I'm guessing this happens be cause reporting services needs to start (slow rendering), or is all ready running (fast rendering).
    Is ther way to always keep the Reporting Web Server running and not having is shut down periodically Are there drawbacks to doing this?
  2. Greg Larsen New Member

    Does anyone have a solution here? Or suggestions on where else post this question.

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