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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by matineit, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. matineit New Member

    Dear Sir,
    I'm young on cluster (windows 2003 Enterprise ,SQL server 2005) and I used MS.Virtual Server for my testing. Now I need to shutdown my cluster testing.
    I have 3 Server (Virtual Server) : MyDC, MyNode1 and MyNode2.
    Can you tell me, what I need to do when I need to shutdown all node on cluster ?
  2. melvinlusk Member

    Just so I know you're setup before I answer....you're simulating a SQL 2005 cluster in Virtual Server.
    If it's an active/passive SQL cluster, you should be able to just shutdown the passive node first, and then shutdown the active node. The DC will be the last one you'll want to shutdown. SQL is smart enough to know when you're shutting down a server that's part of a cluster.
  3. matineit New Member

    Dear Sir,
    If it is an active/active SQL cluster , Can you tell me, which one I need to shutdown first ?
    oh! Can you tell me how to start SQL cluster when I shutdown them ?
  4. arunyadav Member

    Hello Matineit,
    You should use cluster.exe to shutdown the cluster.
    The steps to shutdown an active-active cluster are:
    1. Take full backup of all database including system databases.
    2. Move all resources to node 1.
    3. Wait till all resouces online on node 1.
    4. Shutdown node 2.
    5. Shudown node 1.
    The steps to follow in an active-passive cluster are:
    1. Shutdown node 2. As all resources are already online at node 1 (active).
    2. Shutdown node 1.
  5. arunyadav Member

    Oops! missed the starting part.. The proper way to start should be something like this...

    1. Start node 1.
    2. Wait till all resouces comes online on node 1.
    3. Start node 2.
    4. Move all resorces which are earlier owned by node 2 to node2. (Only in case of active/active cluster.)
  6. matineit New Member

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your reply. I can done with your step.[Y]

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