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slow SQL 2005 on windows server 64bit

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by rmizrahi, May 18, 2008.

  1. rmizrahi New Member

    hello there.
    i have the wierdest problem.
    when i connect to my server from my computer to the server's IP. everything works fine like it's localhost.
    but when i run the studio while i'm connected with RDP to the server, the managment is slow like hell.
    anyone knows what it's about ?
  2. alzdba Member

    SSMS is slow at a 64-but platform because it is 32-bit!
    So it needs WOW to start up.
    Als make sure you have set the InternerExplorer setting "Check for publishers certificate revocation" unchecked !
    If your server isn't hooked to the internet, this checking may take a very long time before timing out.
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  5. lawrenso New Member

    I may be lynched for this, but unless you are running a TRUE end to end 64 bit platform you will hit issues with SQL Server... I am finding performance issues more and more as clients jump onto the 64Bit systems. I would really like to get the chance to benchmark a 32Bit one side by side.
    With slow startups of SSMS, rather than changing the IE setting mentioned earlier try the folowing
    1. Select Start|Run and enter Drivers and hit return
    2. Open the etc folder
    3. Open the HOSTS file with Notepad
    4. Enter the following with TAB between
    5. crl.microsoft.com
    This will cause the signed code checks to error straight away rather than time out trying to connect to the URL. There are about 5 tests and each one can take 15 seconds to time out. You can see this if you run something like WIRESHARK on the server as you open SSMS.
    I hope this helps
  6. satya Moderator

    We have mixture of 64 and 32 bit system with no issues in using tools too, I can confirm that after setting up required settings as per MS documentation.

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