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Source Control for SQL Server, beta testers needed

Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by SQLDBcontrol, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. SQLDBcontrol New Member


    SQLDBcontrol is a new source control application that provides integrated source control for SQL Server procedures, views and user-defined functions.

    It has a host of other features, including a neat deployment tool that automatically scripts AND deploys selected objects to any number of SQL Server databases. Also included is a query/object editor with Intellisense and tons of other stuff.

    We need help in beta testing the application and we welcome anyone that can help us do so. Even if you cannot help beta test it, download it and tell us what you think. All feedback and comments are welcome as we're hoping to provide an application that is very much built around the needs of the people that will ultimately use it.

    You can get a fully-functional (beta) version at www.sqldbcontrol.com

    Thank you very much,

    Karl Grambow

  2. dineshasanka Moderator

  3. SQLDBcontrol New Member

    Hi Dinesh,

    Thank you for offering to help, it is very much appreciated. There are various areas of the application that you could beta test. I would suggest that you first download the application and install it on your workstation and have look at it. That way you might find an area that is of particular interest to you.

    If you want to contact me directly please mail me at karlgrambow@sqldbcontrol.com

    If you any questions at all please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks again for your help,

    Karl Grambow

  4. satya Moderator


    I would like to suggest to contact Brad and get your product reviewed to post an article on the software for further help to SQL community.

    Satya SKJ
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