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SQL Server 2008 R2 BPA and MAXDOP rules - Database Engine - degree of parallelism is not set to recommended value

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    In continuation to my Leverage Query and Index performance with MAXDOP/Max Degree of Parallelism option in SQL Server post on MAXDOP settings, I had an interesting rules to review when SQL Server 2008 R2 BPA ( download ) is executed. By default SQL 2008 R2 BPA has an embedded rule to detect the conditions of appropriate value for 'max degree of parallelism' option, and it is not configured in conjunction with the number of CPU's within a NUMA node as well as the Resource Governor (RG) workload configuration...(<a href="http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/sql2008/archive/2010/06/25/9147.aspx">read more</a>)<img src="http://sqlserver-qa.net/aggbug.aspx?PostID=9147" width="1" height="1">

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