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Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Antonio Benildus Muerling, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Thanks for reading my post.

    I have been asked to replcate a Database from one location to another location which is Under the SQL Server Express server, and the new server also will be to be replicated to is also going to be the same which SQL Server Express 2005.

    Guys and Geeks, please help me in providing advices, metioning the necessary steps, tips in order to achieve this.

    The backups cannot be automated nor indexes cannot be automated due to the limitation, it has with the software. (SQL Server report agent not available)

    Given the fact that this would only hold upto 4GB storage, is there a purpose in putting an index, and if it is a must, please help me doing the indexes, how am I going to index, without the SQL Server report agent.

    Please tell me a way in automating backups as well, how am I going to do it, of course, the backup process, I have got a fair idea, on how to do it.

    Mainly, I do not know the reason for usig this Express edition for a commercial organization, and should I ask this question from the project manager, and are there any more questions too to ask from the Project manager, before proceeding work.


  2. admin Administrator

    Hi Antonio,
    In general to get the most out of the forum you should try to ask a single question on a specific issue you are experiencing. Info on more general issues such as backups, indexing are best handled by online guides like http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/gu...-of-a-sql-server-2005-express-data-store.aspx for SSMS Express auto backup. I'd recommend you worked off tutorials etc and then let us know if you encounter any issues.

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