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    Many people are expecting that much of the focus at PDC this year will be around cloud computing and Software plus Services. I am sure that there will be a number of new announcements that follow-on from the announcements at recent Tech-Ed events about products such as Mesh and Oslo. SQL Server is not being forgotten in all this hype about cloud computing, as earlier this year Microsoft announced the Beta of SQL Server Data Services (SSDS). SSDS is a SQL Server service in the cloud that is designed to provide on-demand scalable data storage.
    Although much is being made about the availability of storage and applications that are hosted in the cloud, these services have typically been silos that did not easily integrate together. It would appear that Amazon.com is looking to change this with the announcement of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). This initiative will allow you to run not only SQL Server in the cloud but your entire Windows application infrastructure using a pay as you go style model. I can imagine that there will also be a free service as long as you carry advertising to purchase books on Amazon. Perhaps the predictions of free CPU cycles are getting closer and closer to reality?
    - Peter Ward

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