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SQLCentric v.2.0 is here!

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    New York, NY - Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of its long awaited release - version 2.0 of the SQLCentric monitoring and alert system for SQL Servers. Expanding on its award-winning software, v.2.0 takes SQLCentric to the enterprise class of monitoring and alert solutions.

    A breadth of new features and functionality have been added, including its new Web-Reporting module. Graphs are displayed along side the traditional data views, suitable for printing as quick snapshot status reports.

    The SQLCentric historical reporting and quick reports module, will give the user in-depth reporting capability on the state of their SQL Servers. Designated as v.1.0, the Reports Module will be fully functional in SQLCentric v.2.0.

    SQLCentric's new status counters will monitor the performance and logged events of your SQL Servers. Now, in addition to its already rich monitoring capabilities, SQLCentric will report on CPU load status, Buffer Cache Hit Ratio, Blocked Processes and more.

    As they are configurable, the user has the ability to turn them on and off as desired. New built-in intelligence will control the notification engine, max-alerting, and sampling intervals.

    With the ability to authenticate monitored servers via SQL Authentication, Windows, or Mixed, users will be able to monitor SQL Servers in Non-Trusted Domains, DMZ/firewalls, and literally SQL Servers around the world! The user can set a SQLCentric login and encrypted password for monitoring purposes.

    This latest edition of SQLCentric will make it your tool of choice for monitoring and alert notification of your entire SQL Server Infrastructure!

    We have made some updates to our site, so please feel free to go tohttp://www.pearlknows.com, and take a look, particularly new details and screenshots of v.2.0.

    And don't forget to download a 30-day FREE evaluation copy!

    For a full detailed description on SQLCentric's new features, please see the link below.

    SQLCentric v.2.0 Feature Details: http://pearlknows.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/update_from_the_development_shop.htm

    Try SQLCentric at
    The Award-Winning SQL Server Monitoring and Alert System

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