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SqlServer 2005 : Replication over the web

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Replication' started by hoonius, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. hoonius New Member

    Hi All
    I'm trying to set up replication over the cloud and can't seem to get the Snapshot to initialize
    Does transactional replication even work over the cloud? I have the ports forwarded on the firewall attached to the publisher but the subscriber's firewall already has services running on 1433 so i've had to forward it to 1435 instead.
    From the Subscriber instance, i can see the Publisher and it's publications. It seems to go through the motions of setting it up but I can't see it replicating anything, and the message on the publisher is "Unintialized subscription" so I'm not convinced it's all working correctly. I had to use a Sql Alias in the Configuration Manager. However, i can't get the Publisher machine to see the subscriber in the Managment Studio, presumably due to the non-standard port?
    Both instances are Sql Server 2005 and i have both a SqlServer account with dbo privileges and a Windows account with the same rights
    Hope you guys can help me :¬(
  2. satya Moderator

  3. hoonius New Member

    Thanks Satya
    I will read through these and see how far I get
    Thanks for the reply :¬)
  4. hoonius New Member

    Hi Satya
    I followed the instruction through but the subscription still won't initialize :¬(
    I made the Publication copy their file to a seperarate directory under my FTPROOT folder. However FTP wasn't enabled through our firewall so i copied them to a website i have access to and downloaded the snapshots via HTTP to the Subscriber's c: drive
    I then deleted the subscriptions and remade them, this time specifying the 'Alternate Folder' for the Snapshot but the Publisher still has the subscriptions marked as 'Uninitialized Subscription'.
    On the Subscriber,opening the Syncronization Status, it says the "Job Started Successfully" and "Syncronization in Progress". However, the Job History is retrying all the time and the Previous Error was "Agent message code 20084. The process could not connect to Distributor"
    So, i'm not sure that my security is correct. When i was setting the Subscription up, one of the last steps was to set the user account that would connect to the boxes. The Distributor agent had to be a windows account so i entered a windows account that could connect to the Subscriber, since that's where the Agent will run. Is this correct?
    Do you think the non-standard port on the subscriber is casuing the issue? I can't see the suscribers database at the distributor end even though i have an alias set up in the Configuraion console
  5. satya Moderator

    That would need a trip to your network to see whether the defined/used ports for SQL - replication are opened or not.
    To verify the security mode on the publisher and the subscriber Right click on the server in the enterprise manager and select properties. Under the security tab, check the Authentication mode - By default it is set to Windows only ->Try setting it to SQL Server and Windows on both the publisher and the subscriber.
    Also by default if the sqlagent and the sql server services start using a local system
    account. Try changing it to a domain account with enough previleges on both the
    machines. Restart the services after this change
  6. hoonius New Member

    Could it be the directory i'm using for the Snapshots?
    When i set the second director to be c:inetpubftprootSnapshots, Sql made c:inetpubftprootSnapshotsunc and then a further directory for each Publication, with a further one with a timestamp on it to indicate the creation time of the snapshot. All of the files for dropping and creating the objects are then contained in the timestamp directory : c:inetpubftprootSnapshotsuncTheNameOfThePublication2007101111180909 etc etc
    What path should i set up on the subscriber? does it need that unc directory?
    Thanks for all the tips thus far. Hope we can crack it :¬)

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