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Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by satya, Apr 13, 2004.

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    <b>TechNet Support WebCast<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif' alt=':p' />erformance troubleshooting and analysis in Microsoft SQL Server 2000<br /<a target="_blank" href=http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;838622>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;838622</a> </b>on Thursday, April 15, 2004: 10:00 AM Pacific time (Greenwich mean time- 7 hours). <br /><br />This Support WebCast session will discuss general troubleshooting techniques and tools you can use to diagnose performance issues or to help tune Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database applications. It will discuss how to identify performance bottlenecks (such as disk I/O, CPU, and blocking). <br /><br />The session will review techniques that you can use to resolve them and ways to design around them. The session will also discuss some of the more common database design and tuning best practices that many SQL Server customers are currently using.<br /><br /><br /><hr noshade size="1"><b>Satya SKJ</b><br />Moderator<br /<a target="_blank" href=http://www.SQL-Server-Performance.Com/forum>http://www.SQL-Server-Performance.Com/forum</a><br /><center><font color="teal"><font size="1">This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.</font id="size1"></font id="teal"></center>

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