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Transaction Logs again

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by jameshuff, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. jameshuff New Member

    Can the Transaction Log be set to log certain FileGroups and the tables associated with them in a database, or is the Transaction Logging process an all or nothing deal in SQL Server 2000?

    The DTS looks like a better option than the BCP utility. Although backing up the Database that we do our Transaction Billing in, to tape, takes four minutes, and the DTS takes 13 minutes to export the FileGroups and tables out to a temp Database.

    Giving serious consideration to DTS, but hope the SQL Lite Speed will be a better option.

  2. sqljunkie New Member

    1 Transaction Log per db. That would be an awesome feature though
  3. jameshuff New Member

    I was afraid of that. Yes, it would be a great feature to have. It would help in doing changes to one area of data, and securing it via an independent log. Kind of like a Rollback Segment prior to
    a commit. Although this would allow the rollback after a commit, withut a full restore.



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