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using SSIS to obtain data for sql server

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Wendy elizabeth, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Wendy elizabeth New Member

    I want to extract data from a specific tab in an excel 2003 workbook using SSIS and place the data into sql server 2008 r2 in an automated, scheduled manner.
    The following is what I currently do: I receive daily excel 2003 workbooks from my company's main customer to load into a sql server 2008 database r2 standard edition. Right now I am manually copying the data from the worksheet I need to work with and
    passing the data to entirely to new worksheet in a new workbook. My company
    says that I can not ask the user to change the way we receive the data from
    them. The current method is going to stay.
    However I am having the following problems I need to work with and I am wondering if you have
    any suggestions how to to automate the following steps:
    1. There are lots of tabs in the workbook and I always need to go to worksheet in the middle of the workbook to obtain the nformation I am looking for.
    2. There are hidden columns that I always have to unhide.
    3. For your information, the worksheets are grouped together. However I do not need to ungroup the worksheets to obtain the data I need to work with.
    4. Sometimes the workbook I receive from the customer has external links that I need to remove or sometimes I can not use the headers on the columns since sometimes the headers contain invalid characters.

    What way would you suggest I follow to accomplish this goal? Can you tell me and/or point me to a reference that will show me how to accomplish this goal?

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