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Discussion in 'Please Tell Us What You Think' started by Negative, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Negative New Member

    Is it possible to display the date that articles on the website were published? It may not be a big deal now, but as time goes on it may be be important to know if an article is out of date. It would be nice for this date to be listed next to the title or subject of the article when browsing, as well as somewhere on the page when you are viewing the full text of the article.
  2. bradmcgehee New Member

    This is not the first request to do this, so I guess this is important for people. I will try to add the date for all new articles.

    Brad M. McGehee, MVP
  3. satya Moderator

    True, like you get dated in MS articles and it helps for forthcoming article.

    Satya SKJ

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