SQL Server Jobs Articles

Monitor SQL Server Replication Jobs

The Replication infrastructure in SQL Server is implemented using SQL Server Agent to execute the various components involved in the form of a job (e.g. LogReader agent job, Distribution agent job, Merge agent job) SQL Server jobs execute a binary executable file which is basically C++ code. You can download all the scripts for this […]

Finding Running SQL Server Agent Jobs

Monitoring SQL Server agent jobs is a critical task for DBAs. There are several ways of achieving this. The most obvious method is to use the Job Activity monitor. For the above list, note that the currently running jobs will have a green arrow icon next to them. However, if you have large number of […]

Drop Failed for Login ‘User xxx’

How To Drop Users Who Are Owners or Databases and Jobs When you want to drop users you need to en sure that those users are not owners databases SQL Server agent jobs, otherwise you will be confronted with the below error: To avoid this you will need to change both the database and SQL […]

Running SQL Server Jobs using a Proxy Account

In most companies, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for the various teams, whether it is the database team, application team or the development team. In some cases, the application team might own a number of jobs but they may not have direct access or the high level privileges required to run it on the […]