Admin 911: SQL Server 2000

Admin 911: SQL Server 2000
by Brian Knight
Copyright 2001
Osborne/McGraw Hill

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At first blush, the title of this book sounds obscure. What exactly is meant by Admin 911? I didn’t know either until I read through the book. Now that I understand what this book is all about, I would like to propose some alternate titles for this book:

  • Advanced SQL Server 2000 Administration

  • Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting

  • Advanced SQL Server Performance Tuning

This book is all of the above, and more. Unlike many of the SQL Server 2000 administration books available on the market, most of which are geared toward novice DBAs, this is a book targeted to DBA pros. This is great, as there are very few books aimed at experienced DBAs. Throughout this entire book, you will find many helpful, practical tips on how to become a better DBA.

Here’s what the book covers:

  • Architecture and Installation

  • Managing SQL Server

  • Optimizing and Automating SQL Server Administration

  • Monitoring and Tuning SQL Server

  • Automating Administrative Tasks

  • Optimizing and Troubleshooting SQL Server

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

  • Scaling SQL Server

  • SQL Server Replication

  • System Tables and Undocumented DBCC Commands

  • Extended Stored Procedures

Unlike many other SQL Server 2000 administration books, this book is not a formal tutorial, showing you how to do everything step-by-step. It already assumes you know the basics, and focuses more on specific issues, such as how to tune your SQL Server for optimum performance.

Also unlike some huge books on SQL Server, this book does not try to be everything to everybody, instead focusing on the key things you need to do as a DBA. Because of this, the book is to the point, not wasting a lot of time on stuff you probably already know. And as this book focuses on DBA duties, you won’t find much, if any, information specific to SQL Server developers.

I recommend this book to all DBAs as a valuable addition to their SQL Server bookshelf. If you are completely new to SQL Server, I would put off reading this book until you get a little experience under you belt. But once you do, you will want to pick up a copy.


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