Free Yourself from Writing Common Functions with AGS SQL Server 2005 Utilities

Future Development

GeckoWare Australia plans to make the following functions available in the future.

  • BusinessHours: Works out the business hours between two dates.
  • BusinessDays: Works out the business days between two dates.
  • GetIPAddress: Get’s an IP address for a given address.
  • IsWeekDay: Returns true if a weekday.
  • IsWeekEnd: Returns true if a weekend.
  • IsDay: Returns true if it is the day you pass in.


Support is provided via MSN chat and a user forum. The help file available with the download does not follow a proper standard. There are even a few mismatches between the help file and the actual behavior of the tool.

Desired Features

Additional functions:

  • Creating and deleting folders, etc.
  • Deleting from the event log.
  • Sending a message to a MSMQ.
  • Reading a message from a MSMQ.

Some functions do not have error handling associated with them. This tool would be more user-friendly if error handlers were implemented.


Even though GeckoWare Australia’s AGS SQL Server 2005 Utility doesn’t cover all the functions that I would like it to have, the tool is a worthy addition to your tool box. And it only costs $50.

I recommend you download the 30-day evaluation version and try out this product. Any time you save today is time you’ll need tomorrow.

* GeckoWare Australia was formerly known as A & G Software.


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