ApexSQL Clean Identifies Unused and Unreferenced Objects in Databases

Drops Generation Wizard

This wizard lets you create a script to drop unreferenced objects. A nice feature of this product is that it can create a backup of the database before you execute the drops script.

The output options let you define the type of output needed. You can save the script to .sql format, opening it with the internal editor, writing it to a file only, or executing it directly against the database.

Viewing the script in the internal editor:


Help is bundled with the application and you can update the product online once you have entered a valid activation key.


There are many reasons why orphaned objects can appear in a database during the development stage; for example, one developer might forget to document an object. Keeping orphaned objects out of the production database makes it easier to maintain.

It is a long, tedious job to find unreferenced objects in a big database. Thanks to ApexSQL Clean, we have a very good tool that can help us do this.


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