Use ApexSQL Doc to Document Your Database

The screen shot below shows part of the documentation for a stored procedure: CustOrdersDetails of the Northwind database. You can see how important documentation is, as all the tables and views that the stored procedure depends on are listed.

The options screen (below) allows you to configure the format of the documentation. Title, copyright link, copyright text, author, comments, and date are some the parameters you can configure.


This is an excellent tool but I would like to have the ability to schedule the creation of documentation like many of the other SQL Server database documentation tools. With ApexSQL Doc, you have to create it manually.


There are many resources available both with the tool itself and on the company’s Web site. The support forum was very responsive and helpful. The ability to check for the availability of new versions from within the tool itself is very useful.

Review Summary

ApexSQL Doc will ease the task of making changes to your databases. It is easy to use and does not require any special knowledge to operate. Why make your job harder than it has to be? Download a 30-day trial version today.


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