SQL Server Books Online: A Primer for New Users

I have selected SQL Server Tools from the Tutorials, which will introduce you to the Database Engine, the SQL Server Management Studio tools, and more.

A few additional features are available that I want to highlight.

You can view the SQL Server help by using either the MSDN2 link to the Web version or the .htm link to the local files on your computer.

The F1 option on right hand side gives you 2 options, use the .htm file or Web link for BOL, and go directly to the search pane.

The first time you use the search feature you will be given three options:

Use online Help as primary source will always go to the MSDN2 Web site, depending upon your Internet Connection settings.

Use local Help as primary source will look for locally installed help files before going to the MSDN2 Web site (if needed).

Do not use online Help is self-explanatory.

Tip: For optimal performance, select “Use local Help as primary source.”

Additional search options allow you to search MSDN community forums and other Microsoft related forums.

The How Do I menu lets you jump directly to various topics in BOL.


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