Change The SQL Server Port Number

By default the default instance of SQL Server is configured to listen on TCP port 1433 (named instances listen on dynamic ports so they select an available port when SQL Server service starts).

To change the TCP port that SQL Server listens on, first go to SQL Server Configuration Manager expand SQL Server 2008 Network Configuration, expand Protocols for , and then double-click TCP/IP which launches the TCP/IP Properties dialog:

change sql server port

There are several IP addresses such as IP1, IP2 etc which can be configured which correspond to your IP addresses. Under the relevant IP, enter the the port number you want the IP address to listen on.

If the TCP Dynamic Ports value is 0 this denotes that the Database Engine is configured to listen on dynamic ports. Ensure there is no value in this field.

Click OK to save and exit from the dialog.

You will now need to restart SQL Server (in SSMS just right-click on the database instance and select Restart.(

Once SQL Server is configured to listen on a specific port there are three methods for connecting to a SQL Server from a client app:
  • Run SQL Server Browser service on the server to connect to the Database Engine by instance name.
  • Create an alias on the client, and specify the port number.
  • Configure the client application to connect using a custom connection string.



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