Claytons Data Mining (Part 1)

Figure 2 – Data Range and Field Headings
Once the data has been defined as a table, we see a new tab on the ribbon (<Table Tools><Analyze>) (shown below).  Note that a cell in the table must be active to show the ribbon path. 

Figure 3 – Table Formation Exposes Simple Data mining Operations

Connecting to a Database
In addition to having data formatted as a table, Excel must be able to connect to an analysis services database.  To do this;

  1. Click the <No Connection> button
  2. Select New
  3. Type in the server name
  4. Select the DMAddinDB catalog (if available otherwise accept defaults)
  5. Test the Connection
  6. Press Ok & Note the connection under current connections

Figure 4 – Setup New Connection (1)

Figure 5 – Setup New Connection (2)


Figure 6 – Setup New Connection (3)


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