Install Windows 2000 Cluster Services: Installing the Windows 2000 Cluster Service: Node 1

This portion of the article shows you, step-by-step, how to install the Windows 2000 Cluster Service. Not every potential option will be discussed, only the most common. This section has been divided into two web pages to make it easier to load into your web browser and read. There are many graphics, and it make take a minute or two for all of them to load.

Before you begin, you must have two pieces of information necessary for the installation of Cluster Services. The are:

  • The virtual name you will be assigning the cluster. This is the name that will be used by clients to attach to the cluster.

  • The virtual IP address you will be assigning to the cluster. This is the IP address that will be used by clients to attach to the cluster.

The above information should be determined before you begin to install the Cluster Service.

Note: If you are using a hub to connect the nodes of the private network, then you don’t have to take any special steps other than to ensure than the hub is operational and that the private network card on the primary node can talk to it.

If you are using a cross-over cable to connect the primary node to the secondary node’s private network card, then you must turn on the secondary node, but don’t boot it, in order to successfully install Cluster Service. Start the node, but when Windows 2000 starts, press the F8 key to go to the Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu. Stay at this screen until you are ready to install the Cluster Service on the secondary node. If you don’t do this, then the private network card in the primary server won’t be available and you will be unable to install the Cluster Service on it.

Installing the Cluster Service on Node 1 of the Cluster

1. Start the “Add/Remove Programs” option in Control Panel, and then select “Add or Remove Windows Components.” The following screen appears:

2. From this screen, check the box to the left of “Cluster Service” and then click on the “Next” button. The following screen appears:


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