Configure Windows Firewall for SQL Server Integration Services

The Firewall is an important component of Microsoft Windows which prevents the unauthorized access to computer resources. If windows firewall is turned on and if it is not configured correctly, then attempts made to connect to SQL Server Integration Services by the users will be blocked. To access SQL Server Integration Services through a firewall, Database Administrator needs to configure the firewall on the computer that is running SQL Server Integration Services to allow user access. In this article you will see the step that needs to be followed by the Database Administrator to configure windows firewall for SQL Server Integration Services, so that users can get connected to SQL Server Integration Service Remotely. Adding Windows Firewall Exception for SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Integration Services always uses port 135 to accept user connections. It is not possible to run SQL Server Integration Services on any other port. Database Administrator needs to follow the below mentioned steps to add a windows firewall exception for a SQL Server Integration Services which will be running on 135 port. 1. Click Start | Run and type FIREWALL.CPL this will open up Windows Firewall By default, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Operating Systems enables Windows Firewall, which closes port 1433 to prevent internet computers from connecting to a default instance of SQL Server on your computer. In my previous article titled “Configure Windows Firewall for SQL Server Remote Connections” we have already discussed in detail how to configure windows firewall for SQL Server Database Engine to accept remote connections. 2.  In the Windows Firewall dialog box, click Exceptions Tab, and then click Add Port…. 3. In the Add a Port… dialog box, type “SSIS Port” in the Name textbox and also specify Port Number as 135 which will be the port number used by the SQL Server Integration Services, and also make sure that you have selected TCP radio buttion 4. In the Add a Port dialog box, you can optionally click on Change scope… button to modify the default scope.


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