Data Modeling Made Simple

Steve Hoberman
2005, Technics Publications, LLC
144 Pages
ISBN 0-9771-4000-8 Think what you want, but to me there definitely IS a difference between books about data modeling written by nonpractitioners and practitioners. Same subject, but sometimes poles apart in terms of quality and readability. Theoretical background is certainly essential for a good data modeler, however many books written by nonpractioners overcomplicate things and fail to bring their points across in an easy to understand language. Likewise there are books by practitioners that seriously lack quality. The book at hand combines the best of both worlds and is a pearl among the entry-level books about data modeling. Easy to read and understand, concise, and straight to the point with “just enough” theory. If you are a beginner in data modeling, this book will help you in getting started quickly and in the right direction. If you are an advanced (or even expert) data modeler, this book is a good reread to refresh your knowledge.]]>

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