Database Mirror Certificate Expired

WITH SUBJECT = ‘database mirroring certificate’,
EXPIRY_DATE = ’12/31/2030′;  Although you are not able to change the expiry date for an existing certificate there is a workaround that can be used. Let’s say MIR1 and MIR2 are the two database server instances where mirror is running. 1. Create a new certificate on MIR1 giving appropriate expiry date as specified earlier.
2. Export or backup the public key part of the certificate.
3. Restore the certificate on MIR2. Make sure that this certificate is restored under the same owner of the old certificate.
4. Alter the endpoint at MIR1 to user new certificate. ALTER ENDPOINT endpointname FOR DATABASER_MIRRORING AUTHENTICATION = new certificate name 5. Drop old certificate for completeness. You may need to carry out the same steps by changing MIR1 to MIR2 and vice-versa as the certificate on MIR2 also may have expired. ]]>

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