Reporting Services 2008 R2: Geospatial Visualization – Part II

22.   Let’s make few more modifications. Double-click the Map Title and change it to Sales by Customers – US.

23.   Right-click on the Legend and get its properties. Leave the show legend outside the viewpoint checkbox unchecked . If required, change the Position. Select Wide table from the Legend layout drop-down, to widen the legend layout. Click OK to save the settings. Now we can  change the title for the legend . Double-click on it and change it to  Customer Rank.

24.   It would be optimal to have tooltips for markers, showing the name of the customer and total amount. In order to add tooltips, click the down-arrow () on the PolygonLayer1 and select Point Properties. Set the below expression to Tooltip drop-down box.

=Fields!Name.Value & ” – ” & format(Fields!TotalAmount.Value, “C0”)

Click OK to save the settings.

25.   Now preview the report it should look as below:

26.   One more thing to be done is to complete both reports. We have to set an action in the first report to open this report. Open the first report which is SalesBy Country in the designer and double-click the Map Item. On PolygonLayer1, click the down-arrow () and select the Polygon Properties… item. Open the Action tab in the properties window and select the Go to report radio button. Open the expression window for the Specify a report drop-down and add  the below expression.

=IIF(Fields!CountryRegionCode.Value = “US”, “SalesByCustomer”, Nothing)

Note that we have enabled drill-throughs only for the US. We can enable this for other countries if we have created reports for  them too. Again, if we need to use one report for showing data for all countries, it is also possible by having one report that loads all data including spatial data at the runtime.

Click OK to save the settings.

That’s it! Both reports are now implemented. There are lots of additional properties and settings which can be set with the Map Item, explore and use them. If you have any doubt, need clarification, or suggestions, please add a comment.


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