Import dbase (dbf) Files using SQL Server.

SQL Server integration Service (SSIS) can be used to import data from heterogeneous data sources ranging from SQL Server, Oracle to CSV, XML files.

To Import a single DBF file to SSIS

1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and create a SSIS project.

2. Drag and Drop a Data flow task to Control flow and double click it.

3. Right click Connection Managers and select New OLE DB Connection.

4. Click New… button

5. Select Native OLE DBMicrosoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider from the Provider .

6. Enter the dbf file path at Database file name text box.

7. Select All button and enter dbase 5.0 at Extended properties.

Import Multiple dbf files to SSIS

If you have multiple files it can be tedious to import each using the above steps. To import several dbf files you should use the Import/Export Wizard.

1. Click Import and Export Data menu item from the Start menu.

2. For the Data Source, Select Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider.

3. Click Properties button

4. Enter the file path at Data Source

5. Click All  tab and enter dbase 5.0  at Extended Properties

6. After another two screens you will see all the dbf files.

7. In the destination column specify your SQL Serve table.


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