Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools

Michael Raheem, Dima Sonkin, Thierry D´Hers, Kami LeMonds
ISBN 0-32139-796-7 What distinguishes this book from other SQL Server books is the fact that it is not concerned with either programming nor administrating – it focuses exclusively on the tools that Microsoft ships with SQL Server and how to get the most out of these tools. Compared to SQL Server 2000 the tools in SQL Server 2005 have become much more effective.  As a result it worthwhile taking a closer look at the SQL Server Management Studio tools as well as the SSIS, SSAS and SSRS tools that are shipped with SQL Server. The authors of this book are all members of the SQL Server team at Microsoft and are therefore extremely well qualified to write this book.  The reader will derive a great deal of benefit from this book and it is certainly a worthwhile investment. ]]>

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