Installation of SQL Server Clustering

Pre-Installation Spot Verification

  • Review the Windows Event Log, it should not have any errors before you begin the SQL Server clustering installation.

  • Ping from one node to another to verify a good connection and a latency of less than 500ms.

  • In regard to the services listed under Pre-Install Preparation Checklist above, make sure all of them are started and running and all other remaining services are stopped.

  • Ensure that shared array disks are visible from all nodes.

  • Verify that MS DTC is healthy and up and running on Primary Node.

Additional Steps for Windows 2003 Clustering

If you are using Windows 2003 as operating system on cluster nodes, you need to perform certain steps to make the cluster installation successful. If these steps are not performed, the installation may fail.

Instance Name Alias

If you are using Named Instances for your installation, then you need to establish an alias with the Client Network Utility. If you do not have cliconfg.exe available on your disk, then you can extract it from the SQL Server Setup files with following command.

D:SoftwareSQL2000_ENTx86othersqlredis.exe /q:a /C:”setupre.exe WARN=1 -s -SMS

Once cliconfg.exe is extracted, follow the steps to add the alias entry for the named instance.

  1. In the SQL Server Client Network Utility dialog box, click the Alias tab.

  2. Click Add to open the Add Network Library Configuration dialog box.

  3. Click to select the Named Pipes check box.

  4. Type the alias name in the Server alias box. For example: VIRTUALSERVERNAMEINSTANCENAME.

  5. Type the virtual server instance name in Server name box. For example: VIRTUALSERVERNAMEINSTANCENAME.

  6. Verify the name in the Pipe name box. By, default, the value in the Pipe name box is:

If this alias is not established, then your cluster installation will fail with following symptoms:

You will receive the following error message:

The cluster resource failed to come online. If extended error information was reported by the clustering service it can be obtained from the event log.

Setup MS Data Access Components 2.6

MS Data Access Components 2.6 installation is required before we perform the SQL Server Cluster installation on Windows 2003. You can extract the setup from SQL Server setup files with following command. D:Extract is a destination folder where the setup files will be extracted. D:SoftwareSQL2000_ENTx86othersqlredis.exe /T:D:Extract /C

Execute dasetup.exe:

Perform the installation:


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