Introduction to SQL Azure

Migrating From SQL Server to SQL Azure

The SQL Server Migration Wizard helps you to migrate your local SQL Server 2005 / 2008 databases to SQL Azure. The wizard walks you through the selection of your SQL objects, creates SQL scripts suitable for SQL Azure, and allows you to edit / deploy to SQL Azure. You can download SQL Server Migration Wizard from

I have copied few screen shots to demonstrate the product. However, it is fairly simple.

After selecting the Source database, next you have to select the required options from the following screen.

You can select either a new database or an existing database with the credentials to login to the SQL Azure database.

Next, the wizard will transfer data and objects to SQL Azure.


Not Supported on SQL Azure:

·         The backup command is not available due to the multi-tenant nature of the service. You can use BCP or SSIS instead.

·         Server options (sp_configure)

·         SQL Profiler

·         SQL traceflag

·         Data Types like HierachyID, Geography

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