Start to Finish Guide to IT Project Management

Start to Finish Guide to IT Project Management
by Jeremy Kadlec
Copyright 2003

Start to Finish Guide to IT Project Management  

While most of us have been involved to some degree or another in project management (maybe even leading small projects), most DBAs or SQL Server developers have not had the opportunity to lead large projects.

If you are interesting in becoming a project lead on some future project, or have been “selected” or “volunteered” to be the project lead on some current project, and this is your first “big” project, you may want to quickly download a copy of the e-book, Start to Finish Guide to IT Project Management. While this is not a complete discourse on the topic, it is a good first start, and can quickly get you started on the first steps of becoming a competent project manager.

Here’s what this e-book covers in about 109 pages:

  • Getting Started

  • Project Management in a Nutshell

  • Project Scope

  • Project Plan Breakdown

  • Communication Plans

  • Kick-Off Meeting

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Working With Difficult Team Members

  • Design, Development, and Baseline Testing

  • Curve Ball Prevention and Management

  • Formal Testing

  • Training

  • Implementation

  • Lessons Learned

To make the concepts explained in the book easier to understand, the author provides copious examples from a real-life project the author himself managed, which was a SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2000 upgrade implementation. This is the perfect example for DBAs interested in project management.

If you are new to project management, then this book is a good place to start. If you are already an experienced project manager, you can better spend your time on reading more advanced texts on project management.


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