MCSE Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustering Services Training Kit

MCSE Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustering Services Training Kit
by Various Authors
Copyright 2001
Microsoft Press

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So why am I reviewing a book on Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustering Services on a website dedicated to SQL Server performance? Because more and more DBAs are starting to cluster SQL Server, and as of this date, this is the only book on the market that comes close to providing the know-how you need to cluster SQL Server, not to mention how to cluster Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

If you haven’t been involved in server clustering, then you may not realize how complex a task this can be. And like any complex task, the more you know about it, the better prepared you will be to deal with problems as they arise.

Unfortunately, there is no one single source for all the information you need on how to cluster SQL Server, let alone Windows 2000 Advanced Server. As I mentioned before, so far, this is the only book on the market you can purchase that covers Windows 2000 Advanced Server clustering. While it provides the best introduction to this subject I have found, it is far from complete. You will still need to check out other resources before you begin the grand and complex task of clustering your SQL Servers. And once you read up on the subject, you will still need to be prepared to perform a lot of testing before you put your SQL Server into production. (I know, I just went through this process myself.)

Here’s what the book covers:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Clustering Technologies

  • Preparing Windows 2000 Server for Cluster Service

  • Installing and Configuring Cluster Service

  • Administering and Managing a Cluster

  • Managing and Supporting a Cluster

  • Implementing Applications and Network Services on a Cluster

  • Troubleshooting Cluster Service

  • Installing and Supporting Exchange Server 2000 in a Clustered Environment

  • Installing and Supporting SQL Server 2000 in a Clustered Environment

  • Introduction to Network Load Balancing

  • Implementing Network Load Balancing

As you can see, the book isn’t exactly comprehensive, but it does provide a good introduction. If you are only interested in clustering SQL Server, you can of course skip the chapters on Exchange and Network Load Balancing.

The single chapter on SQL Server 2000 is ok, but you will still want to read the SQL Server 2000 section on Books Online in order to get a more rounder perspective, including checking out TechNet for recent articles and issues on SQL Clustering. If you want to cluster SQL Server 7 instead of SQL Server 2000, you will still learn some, but you will have to fend for yourself for the most part when it comes to finding appropriate information.

If you aren’t interested in taking the MCSE Exam 70-223 on clustering, don’t let that stop you from getting this book. Even though the book is designed as a study aid, this book is still a good introduction to the subject for all people new to clustering.

I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in clustering SQL Server. But as this book is currently our only choice, I also don’t have much choice when it comes to making a recommendation.


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