Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0

David Sceppa
2006 Microsoft Press
800 pages
ISBN 0-7356-2206-X What good for is an “optimal” designed database with optimal indices and the “best” hardware around, when the application that is accessing the database, is poorly developed? Well, this is a rhetorical question with a simple answer: Not much! Because most people do not access a database directly, but rather through some abstraction layer, the focus should not only be on the database, but also in the same way on the data access layer and the application itself. Each part can turn out to be a bottleneck when developed suboptimal. How to understand and develop them in an optimal way is described in the book at hand. It illuminates almost every facet of ADO.NET 2.0 and describes them in depth. The author is a program manager for the ADO.NET development team and prior to this a technical lead for the developer support at Microsoft. This combination]]>

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