MyLittleAdmin Web-Based SQL Server Manager Packs a Big Punch

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are a powerful feature of SQL Server. Like just about everything else in myLittleAdmin, stored procedures are a breeze to set up and manage. You can easily edit, view, export as SQL, and delete stored procedures through the stored procedure menu (Figure 10).

The Stored Procedure menu
Figure 10. The Stored Procedure menu

Creating stored procedures are about as straightforward as it gets (Figure 11).

Creating a new Stored Procedure
Figure 11. Creating a new Stored Procedure

Managing DB Users

Managing users and their DB permissions can easily be done, just as it can in Microsoft Enterprise Manager, but editing the particular user through the users menu for the database (Figures 12 and 13). Managing Roles is just as simple through a similar menu. Again, these features can be turned on or off depending on your need. And just like Microsoft Enterprise Manager, you can also manage system level users in the same way, separately from the database users.

Managing DB users
Figure 12. Managing DB users
Managing Permissions
Figure 13. Managing Permissions

Query Analyzer

Arguably, Query Analyzer is one of the most powerful features of SQL Server, and I’m glad to see it as part of myLittleAdmin (Figure 14). From here, all sorts of queries can be run, just like in Microsoft’s Enterprise Manager.

Query Analyzer
Figure 14. Query Analyzer


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