Practical Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Practical Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
by Brad M. McGehee and others
Copyright 1999
Que Publishing

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Unlike the other books that have been reviewed on this web site, this book is not geared toward performance tuning, but instead is a beginner’s guide for the new DBA. I have included on this web site because not everyone who is interested in performance tuning is an experienced DBA, and because I am the lead author of the book.

If you are new to SQL Server, I feel this is the best book on the market you can find to learn the basics. Learning to become a DBA is not for the faint of heart, and reading this book will not teach you everything you need to know, although it will be a good first step.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • SQL Server Basics

  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server

  • Administering SQL Server

  • SQL Server Security

  • Preventing Data Loss

  • Advanced SQL Server Administration

Once you read this book and master the basic concepts of SQL Server, the next two books I recommend include Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7 and Professional Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Programming.


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