Preparing for SQL Server 2000 Clustering

  • If you want, an additional way to verify that the MSDTC service is running on both nodes of the server is to go to “Services” on both nodes of the cluster and see if the “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” service is running.
  • Stopping Unnecessary Services

    Before installing SQL Server 2000, it is a good idea to turn off any unnecessary services on both nodes of the cluster. (Note: Tuning off the unnecessary services is technically not required, but it can prevent some potential installation issues.)

    Below is a list of services that MUST be left on. All the rest can be stopped before SQL Server 2000 is installed. Once SQL Server 2000 is installed, you should reboot nodes of the cluster so that all of the services will automatically start.

    • Alerter
    • Cluster Service
    • Computer Browser
    • Distributed File System
    • Distributed Link Tracking Client
    • Distributed Link Tracking Server
    • DNS Client
    • Event Log
    • IPSEC Policy Agent
    • License Logging Service
    • Logical Disk Manager
    • Messenger
    • Net Logon
    • Plug and Play
    • Process Control
    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service
    • Remote Registry Service
    • Removable Storage
    • Security Accounts Manager
    • Server
    • Spooler
    • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    • Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions
    • Windows NT LM Security Support Provider
    • Windows Time Service
    • Workstation

    Note: The “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” should be turned off, but not by using the “Services” screen. Instead, it should be set to “offline” using the Cluster Administrator. Once SQL Server 2000 Clustering has been installed, you can bring the “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” back online using the Cluster Administrator.

    Once you have completed all of the preliminary steps, as described in this section, you are already to install SQL Server 2000 Clustering.


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