How to replicate more than 256 articles in Merge Replication?

In merge replication there is a limitation in the maximum number of articles that you can publish, which is 256. However, this limitation is 32,767 articles for snapshot and transactional replication.  This is a very small number of articles for large systems, however the following workaround can be used to publish additional articles.

1. Create several publications so that one publication does not contain more than 256 articles. However, if you have several publications it may lead to a reduction in performance.
a. Generate a script for your publication and save the script file
b. Now delete the all articles for the publication
c. Run the snapshot agent, it will run successfully without any errors
d. Run these sp_addmergearticle procs by setting the @dynamic_filters to False
e. Execute the script
f. Run the snapshot agent again


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