Using Service Broker to Communicate With Other Database Servers

Using Service Broker in SQL Server 2005

A typical example that you can provide for the Service Broker is Database Mail in SQL Server 2005. Whenever a mail request (a Message in the context of Service Broker) is placed on a queue, an external application, Databasemail90.exe activates by means of Service Broker. The main advantage of Database Mail is that the mail process is done by an external application, which reduces SQL Server overhead. This was achieved because of the Service Broker architecture.

Here are some other places where you can use Service Broker to your advantage.

  • Asynchronous triggers
  • Reliable query processing
  • Reliable data collection
  • Distributed server-side processing for client applications
  • Data consolidation for client applications
  • Large-scale batch processing

You can find full details in “Typical Uses of Service Broker.”


Service Broker of SQL Server 2005 is not simply a replacement for MSMQ because more features have been added that will benefit system developers. I tried to keep this introductory example simple. The next article on Service Broker with cover advanced features such as security and endpoints.

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