A & G Software's SQL Scribe Documentation Builder Automatically and Quickly Documents SQL Server Databases

Then you click begin processing, and the documentation is automatically built, as you see below.

Once the documentation is build, you tell the software how you want it displayed, either as a HTMLHelp file, or from a web server.

Now that the documentation is complete, what does it look like? Below you see several different screenshots of the documentation for the Northwind database. As you imagine, not all of the documentation is shown here, just a little bit of it so that you can see what type of documentation it creates.

The screen below is the initial Help screen (on the right), and you can see the Table of Contents on the left of the screen. Also notice that you get an Index, Search, and Favorites tab, just like you do with any HTMLHelp file. From here, you can use the documentation just like any HTMLHelp file.

Below, is this abbreviated screen, you can see the kinds of documentation provided by SQL Scribe Documentation Builder for tables. For more detail, you can drill down into specific columns.


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