Increase SQL Server's Performance with Speed Coefficient 2.2

You also have the options to create templates for future use. This is a very important if you want to be able to create your own templates for repetitive use. The screen below shows how templates are created, using the Template Wizard.

Nice to Have Features

There are minor features which would be great to have in future versions of the product.

  • Unlike in SQL Server, Coefficient does not provide functionality to list the servers. Users have to key-in server names manually.
  • The right pane’s Main tab contains the past traces, while the Trace Activity tab contains current traces which are activated on the SQL Server. Users have the ability to sort list of traces from the available fields. It would have been much better if there is an option to filter list of traces from the created date, duration and username etc so that users have the ability to select desired trace with ease.


Support is an essential factor for any product. Help is available in the form of CHM file format. Because of the chm format, users are getting more advantages like searching and indexing of the help. The IMCEDA web site also provides support for users. The website contains white papers, FAQ section etc. for the users. Users are able to contact support staff from

Update Service

Another valuable feature in nowadays is the upgrading facility of the product to ease the users work. The Update Service determines whether you have the most updated version. If not, it will provide you information about the available version and your version. Users also have the option of turning the check function off or on. If this option is enabled, when users open the Coefficient, it will display the check for update window. Users have the option of enabling this facility for daily, weekly, monthly, or manual checks. The main disadvantage of the Updating Service is it does not download current version and install it. Users need to download the current version from the web site and install it manually.

Review Summary

I will rate the Coefficient 2.2.0 in following categories using a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Product Information

Do you think that Coefficient is a right tool to fix your long running performance issues for your database? If so, you can work on trial version of Coefficient from . To get the trial version, you need to register from the IMCEDA web site. The trial version has the limitation of creating a trace for duration only for 5 minutes. For the latest product details, white papers, prices, data sheets, industry reviews visit


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