Write SQL Statements Faster with SQL Prompt

Using SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt will run in the background as a service and facilitate SQL Intellisense for your favorite T-SQL editor.

SQL Prompt works with multiple database servers. You do not have to install SQL Prompt on those servers. You need only provide connection string parameters when you use SQL Prompt with a server. You have the option of saving the connection string for later use. However, some of you may feel that saving the database string is a security issue.

Completion of Queries

It will be easy to demonstrate the usage of this tool with simple examples using the Northwind database.

To get the customers located in the U.S., you first have to get the list of tables, and then from that you have to identify the customer table, and then from that you have to identify the columns you need. With SQL Prompt you do not have to search of all this information. Instead, after you type Select *, SQL Prompt will list all the tables and views. You simply select the table customers from that list.

When you mouse over the table, you will see the table’s structure. The field name, type, and length will be displayed in small popup windows. Column type and length are two parameters that you look for when writing T-SQL queries. SQL Prompt will display them as you write.

Figure 3: SQL prompt provides unobtrusive Intellisense style auto-completion for Microsoft SQL Server editors.

Similarly, this tool will help you write stored procedures by providing a list of parameters and their attributes. (Similar to the way query analyzer and management studio can generate execution scripts of SPs with their parameters.)

You can also save snippets of code and insert them with shortcuts as you write.

Maintaining Standards

An added feature of SQL Prompt is its ability to help you maintain standards when writing code; for example, you may like to uppercase all your keywords. SQL Prompt can automatically convert your lowercase scripts to uppercase scripts. You need only specify the keywords that you need to convert.


No special skills are needed to operate SQL prompt and zero effort will be needed to manage the tool.

This tool is the first of its kind in the industry and a superb addition to your toolbox. Hurry: for a very limited time, SQL Prompt is available for free. So why wait? Download this fascinating tool now and increase your productivity.


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