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After comparison, the next step is to apply the changes to the target database.

You can simply execute so that your target database gets updated. You can have it in a script so that you can apply those changes later. The generated script handles object dependencies and referential integrity for comparison and synchronization. However, currently you cannot load this script into a SQL Server Query Analyser or SQL Server Management Studio.

Another handy option would be the ability to create applications with the changes built it so that you just need to send that application and another user can simply execute that application.

User Admin

One other important feature provided by the (Registered version) of the tool is the ability to configure multiple users with a single installation. Permissions are very important in this tool as destructive use of this tool can harm your database. There is an option called User Administration to administrate multiple users and their privileges.

You can create users and assign relevant privileges to them. Compare, Synchronize Audit and User admin are the available privileges. 


Like privileges, Auditing previously performed synchronizations is very important. Auditing is necessary when you need to trace the previous actions that you have carried out on databases. This is a unique feature in DBChangeManager and missing feature in most other comparison tools.

From the above image you can see that you can view all the synchronizations done previously with complete  information such as whether the synchronisation was successful or failed, action time, changed objects and even the script used for synchronization.

Home Page

The homepage provides a useful dashboard for accessing the most commonly-used features. Here you can also retrieve previous comparisons so that you don’t have to configure them again.


There are three editions you can download.

Free edition is available with limited features. No Multi-user access, synchronize only 10 objects at a time and no Synchronization Audit,

Trial edition, which is valid for 20 days, will not have Multi-user access.

Registered License copy is available with prices starting at  $295.


To summarise the features of DBChangeManager:


Generates Database Snapshots/SQL Scripts to version manage your Schema

Provides Database Synchronization Audit to track history of changes.

Web based client interface makes the tool accessible from anywhere through a Web Browser.

Multi-User access enables collaborative use of the tool alleviating multiple installation/upgrade overheads.

Comprehensive HTML reports on Schema Comparison and Audit history makes change tracking/auditing possible offline.

Supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.

User Administrations so that it can allocate specific users who can do what.

Free edition with limited features.


Missing options for Database comparisons like Ignore Fill Factor etc.

Inability to load synchronisation script to Query Analyser or SQL Server Management Studio from the application itself.

No option to create synchronise application.


I can recommend this tool for database developers and database administrators. If you think it is a right tool for you download the full functional evaluation edition and evaluate it by yourself.  You have very informative web site where you can get the information about product and also you can submit your queries and thoughts on the product. 


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