ApexSQL Enforce

Processing rules

In order to check now a database for a violation of a rule, you need to run this rule against that database. ApexSQL Enforce offers you several different ways of running rules. By default all rules in the currently opened rulebase are activated and can be run. You can either selectively manually uncheck some rule or all rules, run just the rules of a given category, or for a given object type, or, as shown in the screenshot above, run just one single rule. To do so, just right-click on that particular rule in the main grid and choose “Run this rule” from the context-menu.

The above screenshot shows another run option as it would run all rule for the given object type “Primary Key”.

In my example, I’m running the “Check if primary key can be reduced to only one column” rule against the Northwind sample database.

Here is the result set. As you can see, there are several objects qualifying as potential violators against my rule. They are displayed in the grid and we can inspect now each of them and decide which action, if any, should be taken.

By choosing “View DDL” from the context menu you can actually see of which columns the Primary Key for the chosen object consists.


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